Why One Plan

Hosting providers are specialists. They should behave as experts and not require their customers to choose from a sea of options.

You Go To the Contest With the Band You Have

Donald Rumsfeld’s “you go to war with the army you have” quote is sometimes referred to by company leaders. Often, it is stated as a limiting factor.

Why Not Do Stuff Without Considering Search Algorithms?

So much of what is on the internet is warped by appealing to search algorithms to get eyeballs.

The Reason for EarlyDog

It’s a business, of course, but making large amounts of money is not the primary goal.

Our Website Is a Physical Embodiment of Who We Are

Our site design project boiled down who we are and what we want to add to the discussion.

Most of the Internet Sucks Now

Picture if the internet felt like walking out your front door and turning left to take a walk down your street.

Make a Great Company Not a Big Company

This doesn’t mean we don’t want to grow or that we won’t end up with a big company.

Let's Not Waste Time

By making stuff up. We can’t know something until we know it.

It's Time to Be a Cat Rather Than a Plow Horse

Maybe five-year plans need to become something different.

Great Work and Great Life Requires Being Our Unique, Bold Selves

Let’s not water ourselves down.

Focus: We've Got That Going for Us Which is Nice

After several months of rearranging, we now have organizational focus.

Everything's Always Better With a Little Race Car Thrown In

Adding fun and joy into the process just because it’s fun and joyful is always worthwhile.

Choosing Your Customers

You obviously can’t make a service everybody loves.

#NoDaysOff #DoWhatchuLike #NoHairTie

Trust your brain to bubble up what it needs or wants to do each day.

The Ganas

True vision requires a broader understanding of the world than I have.

Let the journaling begin!

We're just getting started here in our journal. We didn't want to wait to start sharing our thoughts. We embrace learning in public.