You Go To the Contest With the Band You Have

Posted by Allison in February 2021

Donald Rumsfeld’s “you go to war with the army you have” quote is sometimes referred to by company leaders. Often, it is stated as a limiting factor.

The implication is you might need to curtail your dreams to get them achieved by your existing team.

Our team might represent the opposite of that sentiment. They are demanding. They are deep divers who want to be stimulated by a culture of growth. This presents a different challenge, an impetus for being better than we need to be just to sell stuff. No dream curtailing necessary, but closer attention must be paid to the quality of the experience along the way.

I can say this with honesty – working with our thoughtful, authentic team is such a valuable experience to me that being commercially successful feels like almost an afterthought in my daily experience. If the process of preparing for the contest adds life value, we’re probably more likely to win. 🏆


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