Why you need us

Let EarlyDog handle your operations so you can focus on building your business.
Building a successful business means focusing on what you do best—creating amazing products, delighting customers, and driving growth.

Increase Your Productivity

Dedicated Ops Team with direct communication
Say goodbye to ticketing systems with delays and the need to provide background to new people with each exchange. You’ll consistently work with the same engineers. They know your application and your business goals. They’ll collaborate with you and your developers through Slack and Zoom, just like an in-house team would do.
Boost Your Developers’ Efficiency
We streamline development processes and increase your team’s efficiency, allowing them to better focus on innovation. We handle your operations so your developers can build products.
24/7 Automated and Human Monitoring
We combine automated alerts with real human oversight, ensuring proactive and rapid issue detection and resolution. Your Ops Team watches over your application so you and your team can sleep at night. No more lost productivity due to late night alerts.

Build a Partnership

Your Success Partner
We’re invested in your long-term success. We build deep relationships by learning your unique goals and challenges. Much more than monitoring and incident response, your Ops Team partners with you in proactive planning to help your business thrive over time despite rapidly evolving technologies.
Custom Metrics
More than just infrastructure monitoring, EarlyDog offers custom business and application monitoring. We can even assist with instrumentation of your application to provide real observability into the behavior and performance of your application.
Supportive Education For Your Team
Your Ops Team can provide tutorials and training on technologies that are unfamiliar to your team.

Our Technical Expertise

Kubernetes Experts
Our experienced engineers containerize your application and deploy it on Kubernetes, ensuring your applications run smoothly and efficiently.
Scalable Solutions
Our solutions are designed to grow with your business, providing cost-effective scalability, always adapted to your changing needs.
Database Management and Optimization
We handle maintenance, schema changes, upgrades, and performance tuning for your databases all while minimizing downtime.
Modernized Infrastructure
We deploy your application on cloud native infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and GitOps practices, ensuring efficiency and security.
Monitoring and Observability
Our combined automated and human monitoring provide real-time insights into your infrastructure and application’s health, ensuring fast issue detection and resolution.

Financial Savings

You benefit from our deep experience across a wide range of use cases. You get an experienced Ops Team, all knowing your application, business, and infrastructure, providing holistic solutions to complex problems without the high cost of hiring and maintaining in-house expertise.
Agile and Flexible
Embrace an adaptable, pay-as-you-go model, allowing your developers to rapidly prototype and to try new technologies without long-term commitments.
Focus on Growth
By focusing on your core business, you’ll increase productivity, accelerate innovation, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

First steps

Contact EarlyDog today and let our team become your trusted partner in operational success.