Your Cloud Ops Team

Unrivaled cloud management and monitoring for business-critical application hosting.
From Python to PHP, AWS to DigitalOcean, ecommerce to APIs, we create and manage expert cloud solutions.

We run your hosting

Whether you’ve grown beyond traditional hosting or need to focus on development rather than self-managing servers, we take responsibility for your cloud infrastructure while you build your business.

How EarlyDog works

You get a dedicated team of cloud engineers
This is your Ops Team. You’ll work with these same people consistently and communicate with them over Slack, Zoom, and email. Your developers will communicate with them, too. This great communication combined with your Ops Team knowing your business, application, and infrastructure will make you feel like they’re part of your own organization.
We build, manage, and monitor your infrastructure
They manage and verify your backups, audit your cloud security, and provide you monthly operations reports. Your Ops Team also handles DNS, CDN, and firewall management, provides cloud cost optimization, coordinates migrations and launches with your developers, and prepares you for scaling and growth.

Why EarlyDog is better

The people on your EarlyDog Ops Team monitor your infrastructure and application
Your EarlyDog Ops Team combines automated alerts with real human monitoring like you’d expect if you hired and trained your own in-house operations team. We work with your developers to implement monitoring tailored to your specific application.
You and your developers communicate directly with your EarlyDog Ops Team
Your developers can get help debugging code issues in production and coordinate launches, deployments, database schema changes, and migrations. In addition to the private Slack channel where you talk to your Ops Team, we can create a separate channel for your developers to communicate with us. We'll also create a private Google Group mailing list for emailing with your Ops Team which you can use in addition to or instead of Slack.
We can solve any scaling problem
By understanding your specific application and your business priorities, our cloud engineers can solve your scaling needs in practical, cost-effective ways.

First steps

Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll schedule a Zoom call for you to discuss your hosting needs with one of our cloud engineers. We’ll then follow up with recommendations for your infrastructure and cost estimates.