The Story

We’re pretty lucky. You might have gotten that impression already.

Was software.
Now life project.

What would you do if you could do anything you want? Your first answer might not be a hosting company. What if it wasn’t just a hosting company?

Seeking freedom

Less Bits‘ official story starts in 2012 as a startup by a computer science PhD student who wasn‘t really into the normal work path. The original goal: freedom, starting with financial freedom.

A few years ticked by. A few hosting-related SaaS products were born, notably ServerPilot which grew steadily. Most importantly, he put together an amazing team of fundamentally great people. What he lacked in leadership skills he made up for by being able to convince the best people to join him.

From the very first months of the company, that student‘s soulmate (we mentioned we were lucky, right?) was running her own medical case management company. That other source of income was pretty handy, especially in the early years.

Seeking life well spent

In 2020, at around ten employees, luck struck again. Suddenly, things like medical case management that required all day, every day driving up and down the I-5 corridor became remote. That saved a lot of time. A lot.

These two best friends finally had time to work on a project together. Combining their skills on an important and challenging project had been a dream of theirs since 1996 when they met as undergrads. Go Dawgs!

With their playful propensity for devising dreams of significant size (feel free to use that), EarlyDog was born. Born to be something different.

Allison & Justin

So, Justin was not born to be a CEO. He did a fine job. Better than most, not as good as some. He's great at the technical and a few other things he's into. Like making crazy ideas sound not too crazy. He's got a lot of ideas. Pretty decent ideas, he thinks. But he's not the best at deciding which ones are worth spending one's limited time on. He's specific-focus folk.

Allison was born to be a leader. (Justin did the first draft of this so gets to say whatever he wants until someone cuts it.) She was also born to do many other things. She gets people. She gets herself. She loves learning and is great at it. She's got energy and determination and reliable methods for running the crazy energy out (like, many triathlons worth of crazy energy). She's left with all this good energy to spend learning what needs to be learned to make good decisions. She's general-focus folk.

You see where this is going?

Allison & Justin & a group of awesome people

Now we get to the really fun part. In the fall of 2020, Allison took over as CEO. It wasn't long until everyone was wishing that change had happened a long time ago. Including Justin.

Allison looked at the whole situation. She looked at the team, the products, the ideas, the market, the opportunities. She looked at where she and Justin were in life and what they wanted out of the rest of their lives together. She looked at the lack of vision in the company and that no two people in the company had the same understanding of the type of company they were building.

It can't be understated how important it was that the team was amazing. You work with what you got. What she had to work with was quite rare. A small team of motivated, talented, deep divers. Real people who valued personal exploration and growth. A special group who Justin knew was capable of greatness under the right leadership.

EarlyDog is born

We certainly won't claim our first childhood memories were dreams of running a hosting company. There actually weren't websites when we were children. Well, Justin was twelve when Tim Berners-Lee published the first website.

For the most part, business isn't really about whatever it ostensibly produces. EarlyDog is great hosting, yes. (We can toot our own horn, right?) And there's a lot of other hosting in the world already, some of it even really good hosting run by really good people trying to build really good companies (like Dallas of DreamHost).

But there was no hosting company like Allison envisioned. There just aren't many companies doing anything like Allison envisioned. She envisioned something that might only be possible with the very unique situation of Allison, Justin, and our specific team.

We made EarlyDog to put our heart and soul into building a business that could be fulfilling and meaningful like work should be, bring our customers joy, and have as much positive impact on the world as possible. Of course revenue's important. No money, no team. No money, no options. But not all that glitters is gold.

Word is born

We've got a lot to say. We want to say things that are worth hearing.

And we've got a lot we want to do. We want to do things worth spending valuable time on.

It's pretty neat to be in our situation: we can go be our goofy selves and it can serve a lot of purposes at once. We can have fun while growing a company that has a positive impact on many individuals. We can get to interact with interesting people and have interesting conversations about life.

If you want to have an interesting conversation about life or business or whatever else, please say hi.

Press Kit

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