I Can Tell That We Are Going To Be Friends

Our stomping grounds. Well, stomping grounds for a few of us as we're a remote company. Washington+Arizona+Oregon+Colorado, USA. British Columbia, Canada. Queensland, Australia.

Posted by Allison & Justin in February 2021

We’re not going to try to sell you hosting, by the way. We kind of don’t want to sell you hosting.

That is, we don’t want to sell you anything, in the yucky sense. We want you to want to do business with us.1 If you don’t have any need for managed cloud hosting, that’s totally cool. You still might want to read our journal. We don’t only think about hosting.

While we have you, here’s a bit about us as individuals (at least, as of February 2021).

  • Allison likes to run.
  • Chris likes to hike.
  • Coleman likes to live in Portland.
  • Jaryd likes to travel.
  • Jon likes to go hiking and camping.
  • Justin likes to be silly.
  • Nolan likes to make electronic music.
  • Steve likes to drink tea.
  • Tory likes to ride horses.
  • Victor likes to kayak.

We hope you have a super awesome day!

  1. If a Cheap Trick song went through your head as you read that, you probably want to do business with us. ↩︎


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