Birds Aren't Real

Posted by Lauren in March 2024

In one of our recent weekly team meetings, our CTO Justin Samuel brought up a fun fact he had learned when browsing one of his favorite subreddits, r/musictheory.

Our team just so happens to be made up of several talented musicians (Patrick on the drums, Justin on the guitar, Lauren on the saxophone she played for one year in the 4th grade band before quitting…), so we all really enjoyed seeing the post that Justin shared with us. But it also got us thinking about some of the other obscure, lesser-known, and all-around random subreddits that our team members like to scroll through in their free time.

We’ve rounded up some of our best suggestions to help you expand your Reddit-browsing horizons:

Patrick checks out r/homelab to see what projects his fellow engineers and techies are tinkering on in their spare time.

For the animal lovers out there, Lauren recommends r/flonkers, showcasing the felines who are NOT FAT, thank you very much, they’re just FLUFFY.

Brad puts on his tin foil hat before browsing r/BirdsArentReal because, let’s be honest, can you really prove that they aren’t actually drones?

With two kids, Jason sees more than his fair share of children’s TV shows, books and cartoons. Luckily he’s got r/DanielTigerConspiracy, where he and other parents can share their, shall we say, amusing interpretations of what their kids are actually being exposed to.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some flonkers to go pet.


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