The Glue of EarlyDog

Posted by Lauren in March 2024

Startups like EarlyDog thrive on the innovation and entrepreneurship of its leaders in order to be successful. But behind those big ideas, there’s usually someone else dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s, and generally making sure the company doesn’t descend into total chaos.

Meet Lauren Kaye, our Executive Administrative Assistant. Tasked with keeping the company running as smoothly as possible, she’s the glue that holds the team together and is always there to answer any of our pressing HR & admin questions.

Check out our Q&A below to learn more about Lauren’s role at EarlyDog, and maybe why you should never try to make plans with her on Saturdays in the fall…

What’s your favorite thing about working at EarlyDog?

I love that a huge part of my job centers on supporting my team members and making their day easier in any way I can. Whether it’s solving an admin issue or sending them a funny card for their birthday, I like to be viewed as a helpful and supportive resource within the team.

I also like that I wear a lot of different hats in my role, and that no day is exactly the same. I can be researching a tax question in the morning, then spend some time brainstorming future social media initiatives, and end the day by planning out the logistics for our next company offsite. It keeps me on my toes, but in the best possible way.

What’s your favorite hobby outside of work?

I love to cook - a lot of my free time is spent perusing through cookbooks, bookmarking recipes online, and browsing specialty food stores. I also love exploring new restaurants or taking cooking classes. My dream “vacation” would be to enroll in a week-long boot camp at the CIA (not the spy agency, but the Culinary Institute of America, which is just across the street from my house).

What’s your perfect Saturday?

I always start my day by going on a long walk through downtown with my dog. Then I’d head out to my usual Saturday morning yoga class at my favorite studio down the street. Afterwards, I’d pick up a bagel and some other goodies at the local farmer’s market. During the fall, my Saturday plans always revolve around whenever USC football is playing, so I’d be cheering them on during game time. Then I’d wrap up the day by trying a new restaurant with my husband. We just tried Nepalese food for the first time recently and loved it!

What’s the last book you read?

I’m currently reading “American Prometheus” by Kai Bird & Martin Sherwin, which was the inspiration for the movie Oppenheimer. I prefer historical nonfiction books, especially about World War II. My grandfather fought in the Navy during the war and was a Pearl Harbor survivor. I loved listening to his stories growing up, and it made me incredibly interested in that era.

Are there any charitable organizations or causes that you are passionate about?

All three of my pets (one dog and two cats) were adopted from local shelters. I’m a huge advocate of the “adopt, don’t shop” philosophy, and have volunteered at different animal rescues since I was in middle school.


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