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Service Level Agreement

Updated July 26, 2021

Welcome to EarlyDog.

Your Ops Team

You will consistently work with the same EarlyDog Ops Team. Your team will also have a designated Ops Team Lead.

How to Get Support

EarlyDog provides 24/7 support. You can contact your Ops Team through the dedicated Slack channels and Google Groups mailing list we'll create for your project. You can request Zoom calls with a member of our Ops Team through your project's Slack channels or Google Groups mailing lists.

Response Time

Category Business Impact Initial Response
Emergency Significant business impact 15 minutes
High Moderate business impact 2 hours
Routine Minimal business impact 12 hours
Low General inquiries 24 hours

Customized Management


Your operations playbook is a management plan specific to your project. Your Ops Team will work with you to include your business priorities and preferences in your playbook. Your playbook will include project-specific escalation procedures, monitoring needs, and information about planned events benefiting from coordination with your Ops Team such as migrations, launches, and marketing campaigns.


Your Ops Team will prepare a monthly report made available to you via your dashboard as well as sent to you by Slack or email, as specified in your playbook. The report will highlight trends learned from monitoring in addition to recommendations for optimizing resource usage, reliability, performance, security, and costs.

Service Operations


Your Ops Team will monitor your project's servers and applications using both automated and human monitoring. Automated monitoring ensures fast response times while human monitoring provides insights not possible through automated monitoring in addition to eliminating false positives from automated monitoring. Your team will develop an understanding of your project's usage patterns and will create a customized monitoring strategy for your project.

Via your dashboard, you will be able to view a set of your project's monitoring graphs. Your Ops Team is available to customize the graphs you see and answer questions about the information in the graphs.

Data Retention

We will provide current customers who are in good standing with access to any backup created within the past six (6) months.

Scheduled Maintenance

From time to time, your Ops Team will need to apply upgrades, patches, bug fixes, or perform other maintenance. Additionally, your project's cloud infrastructure provider may also need to perform occasional maintenance. We'll make reasonable efforts to provide you with prior notice of any scheduled maintenance.

Incident Management

If normal service is disrupted, your Ops Team will create an incident management ticket and will communicate with you until normal service is restored. A log of communication, events, and actions will be kept throughout the process. If needed, internal escalation will occur as appropriate until normal service is resolved. Your sign-off will be requested prior to closing the ticket. After resolution, your team will review the incident’s root cause and make recommendations as needed to mitigate future incidents.

Change Management

When significant infrastructure changes are required or are requested by you, your Ops Team will create a change management ticket. Your Ops Team will schedule and perform the change, coordinating and communicating with you as appropriate. For changes requested by you, your sign-off will be requested prior to closing the ticket.

Network Uptime


Exclusions to Network Uptime SLA

Scheduled Maintenance

Your Ops Team or cloud infrastructure providers will occasionally need to apply upgrades, patches, bug fixes, or perform other maintenance. We will make all reasonable efforts to notify you in advance and minimize downtime. Downtime resulting from scheduled maintenance is not eligible for SLA credits.

Legal Action

In the event of a legal order compelling us to suspend or restrict access to your project, any resulting downtime is not eligible for SLA credits.

Malicious attack

Guarantees regarding downtime cannot be made in the case of a malicious attack. Your Ops Team will take all reasonable measures to mitigate impacts of the attack and will coordinate mitigations with you and your developers according to your project's operations playbook. Downtime resulting from malicious attacks is not eligible for SLA credits.


For downtime eligible for SLA credits, your account can receive service credits in the amount of 10x the length of time that passed over and above the time stated in the SLA.

Service Credit Policies

Service credit requests must be submitted to your Ops Team within ten (10) business days of the downtime event.

The total of service credits issued for downtime in a given month will not exceed that month's service fees.

Only one service credit will be issued for each incident. For example, if multiple issues occur at once, the service credit will be issued to only the root cause.

Accounts that are past due or have unresolved AUP violations are not eligible to receive service credits.