Legal Info

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Acceptable Use

Updated March 1, 2021

Adult Content

Overtly sexual content such as pornography or images of sexual acts is not allowed on EarlyDog. However, there could be legitimate reasons to have nudity on a site (medical, etc.) that we’d be willing to make an exception for.

Illegal Content

Content that engages in, promotes, or encourages illegal activity is not allowed on EarlyDog. This restriction includes content that may damage or interfere with any systems and data.

Hateful Content

EarlyDog values tolerance and inclusion. Content that expresses hatred, discrimination, or attacks to any person, group, organization, or protected classes (race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability) will not be accepted.

Child Safety

EarlyDog has a zero-tolerance policy for any content endangering to minors. This includes harassment, cyberbullying, any harmful, dangerous acts, or sexual content that depicts, targets, or exploits minors. Any such content will be immediately reported to Law Enforcement agencies.

Google Acceptable Use

Any content hosted by EarlyDog must also fall under the Google Cloud Platform Acceptable Use Policy.