Our Website Is a Physical Embodiment of Who We Are

Posted by Allison in February 2021

“The Joy of Building” was the name of our site design project. The project boiled down who we are and what we want to add to the discussion.

Design is couched in one’s time, culture, and industry. Our guiding thoughts: let’s do our part to put humanity, beauty, and art back into the internet.

Let’s do everything better than needed. Our goal is not merely selling our service. Let’s feel good about what we do. Let’s try to inspire real life, not just online life. With these ideas we created our site, a formal rejection of doing just enough to sell stuff.

We tapped a breadth of inspiration from art, poetry, science, philosophy, sports, and humanity to inform what we built. Our goal: provide those viewing our site a joyful experience regardless of whether they become our customer. Although, of course, we hope they do.


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