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Pricing includes infrastructure and management

Our pricing includes the cost of infrastructure from cloud providers such as AWS or Google Cloud. On top of that, we add our management fee.

Our management fee is $350/month plus an amount based on your project’s infrastructure costs, excluding the cost of traffic. We still invoice you for the provider’s traffic charges, but your traffic usage does not impact our management fee.

All-inclusive pricing

For most projects, it’s easiest for everyone to have us pay the cloud provider directly and then include that amount in what we invoice you.

In some cases, such as projects that have very high bandwidth costs, we may instead require you to add a card directly to a billing account at the cloud provider such as AWS or Google Cloud. In that case, our invoice to you will only include our management fee, not the provider’s infrastructure costs which will be charged directly to your card by the provider.

Infrastructure Costs

We will provide you clear cost estimates once we learn the details of your project and determine its infrastructure needs. The information below is only to give you a general idea of infrastructure costs from enterprise cloud providers.

If you already know the infrastructure you need, you can estimate AWS and Google Cloud infrastructure costs by ignoring the number of servers and considering only the total amount of resources used across all of your servers.

To estimate monthly infrastructure costs from AWS or Google Cloud, add up the following across all servers in your infrastructure:

$20.00 × number of CPUs
 $2.50 × GB of RAM
 $0.20 × GB of disk space
 $0.15 × GB of outbound traffic

Enterprise cloud providers such as AWS and Google Cloud do not charge for traffic into their data centers so inbound traffic is free.

Infrastructure costs vary based on data center locations. For example, infrastructure costs are generally higher in Asia and South America than they are in North America and Europe.

Management Rate

Our management rate is $350/month plus an amount based on your project’s infrastructure costs for a given month.

When we learn about and quote your project, we’ll tell you exactly how we’ll calculate the management fee for any month’s infrastructure costs. Even though your infrastructure costs may vary, the way we calculate the management fee will remain predictable for you. You’ll know what the additional management fee will be if you want us to upgrade servers or add new servers to your project.

We exclude the cost of traffic charged by the provider when calculating your project’s management fee. That is, our management fee does not increase when your traffic usage increases.