Why One Plan

Posted by Allison in February 2021

Not all hosting providers are solutions providers. One difference is who is responsible for decisions.

You want to solve your hosting problem so you go to an expert. They tell you, “look at these twenty configurations and let us know which one you want.” That’s when you realize you’re choosing tools, not getting solutions. Once you do your research and decide, you’re still left to wonder whether you made the right choice.

The Plan (that’s what we call our one plan) is our boiled down advice about what works for most. We based The Plan on years of data from hosting hundreds of thousands of sites through our server management software we sell in the hosting industry.

When you come to us for hosting, we’ll assess your situation to make sure The Plan works for you. If it doesn’t, we’ll let you know.

As we also provide custom infrastructure solutions, it might appear there’s a hazy line between honesty and upselling. We don’t want to sell you complexity you don’t need. When we suggest custom solutions, it’s because we believe you need them based on your business situation as we’ve come to understand it through discussions with you.

We’re transferring as much of the decision burden as we can from you to us. As it’s your business, you ultimately own every decision. Solutions providers like EarlyDog are here to accept as much of the hosting decision burden as you can share with us. For business-critical decisions outside your area of expertise, bringing in specialists is often the right choice. That’s what we’re here for.


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