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Managed DigitalOcean

EarlyDog brings professional management to DigitalOcean.

With DigitalOcean’s IPO in March 2021, DigitalOcean has furthered their progress toward joining the elite ranks of AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

DigitalOcean is frequently misunderstood as a budget cloud provider. How can a company known for $5/month VPSes be worth considering for mission-critical infrastructure? The answer is DigitalOcean’s cheap servers are fundamentally different from their high-end servers.

EarlyDog does not support using DigitalOcean’s shared-CPU servers. Shared-CPU means other people’s cloud servers running on the same physical hardware are competing to use the same CPUs.

For our customers who prefer DigitalOcean, EarlyDog provides the same premium managed hosting on DigitalOcean as we do for enterprise cloud providers like AWS. All DigitalOcean servers used by EarlyDog are DigitalOcean’s high-end servers that use dedicated CPUs.